Selasa, Oktober 25, 2011

I'm sorry my lonely art blog T_T

I've been horrible. I've totally neglected this blog and ended up updating a lot more often at Tumblr T__ T It's bad I know. It's just really fun over that end! I'll try to make up for it I promise.

Anyways the DC girls in sweaters have made their rounds in the internet! Here they are at Project Rooftop, The Mary Sue and Comics Alliance. (I didn't even realize there was a feature in Comics Alliance until a kind reader told me - I was busy trying to make caramel apples. I have an autumn fixation and all the sweets and clothes that comes with it. It's weird, I know.)

Anyways here's something I'm doing tonight - a rough sketch of a Vampirella commission on Breygent's Vampirella set artist proof card. The client wanted something the pose to be similar to a particular Enric Torres drawing and the background to be somewhat art-noveau. I'll be inking and colouring this tonight - will post up the finished artwork once it's approved!

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