Jumaat, Oktober 14, 2011

Sweater Post

I did a few drawings of DC ladies in sweaters. It's first inspired by this post (http://potatofarmgirl.tumblr.com/post/10723216750/i-read-this-earlier-tonight) and I ended up drawing a few more because it's freaking fun and who said superheroes need to dress up skimpy to look awesome?! I love trying to insert their iconic look/ personality into the outfits.
An homage to Yvonne Craig of the 60s Batman TV show :) Also to pre-The Killing Joke Babs.
I think this ended up looking a tad more mature than the other designs, maybe due to the jacket. I love Vixen's fox amulet - and decided to keep it here as an accessory.
The first DC Sweater girl I drew - I must've had Adam Hughes' Hepburn Catwoman in mind, because this came out looking somewhat mod and retro and probably what Audrey Hepburn would want to wear.
The first Babs in sweater I drew - though I wasn't too happy with it because it didn't really feel like Babs to me.
I think this is my favourite out of the lot. It may be the tree - I just like trees in general XD
Powergirl! This is pretty straightforward. The little opening under the button clasp is inspired by an actual sweater I owned, except the clasp is on the back. Plus I've always wondered what she'd look like in pants.
Harley Quinn. This is another fave of mine - it looks super wearable and comfy and I want those little booties XD
I believe I had the 90s in mind with Supergirl - I gave her a waist high skirt paired with short midriff sweater. The short sweater may defeat the purpose of keeping warm, but Kara would probably not feel the cold anyway. Then why is she wearing sweater, you may ask? In which I would say it's probably because she's still a teenager and she'd probably want to look cool and trendy and cute. Probably.
Donna Troy always gives me the 80s vibe. There's something very disco-ey about her superhero costumes (I'm thinking of the red and black one-piece outfits, they'd look at home in any disco club. Wait that's 70s. I'm mixing up my years ..oops!)
Zatanna. I hope she's wearing a good sturdy tights under that fishnet stockings for the cold XD Also, I daren't give her a longer shorts (it doesn't seem very Zatanna) or shorter ones (the pantless look in autumn/winter? Unless your name is Lady Gaga, that would just be ridiculous)

Another Zatanna. I personally love this better (because it's way more comfortable and warmer I think!)

Stephanie Brown (Batgirl). I think her superhero outfit is the easiest to customize - I was able to keep a lot of her iconic look (the boots, belt, purple edges/piping, bat ears XD and emblem) within the casual hoodie.

More to come soon, stay tuned!

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